Texts and Topics: Routes to Meaning in the Forest of Early Modern Words. A Day of Consultation.

May 18th, On Zoom
3pm-5:30pm (CEST)

On May 18th the EURONEWS project  is holding an online Consultation Day on the topic of Texts and Topics: Routes to Meaning in the Forest of Early Modern Words.  We will be setting out our goals and achievements. 

Although surprisingly uniform in terms of basic structure, early modern news texts pose multiple problems of analysis. The material is extremely voluminous, the references often obscure, the syntax ambiguous, and the overall meaning easily lost in the forest of words. How to handle them effectively? Machine assisted text analysis has opened up opportunities while raising questions. On this Day of Consultation we raise some of the questions and consult best practices. Guests include experts on news, historical text mining and topic modelling, respondents include experts on network analysis, machine learning, corpus analysis and critical theory.


15:00 Greeting and Introduction – Brendan Dooley

15:15 Giovanni Colavizza, University of Amsterdam

15:30 Ryan Heuser, University of Cambridge

15:45 Barry O’Sullivan, University College Cork

16:00 Nicholas Brownlees, University of Florence

16:15 General discussion – Respondents: 

Mario Infelise, University of Venice Ca’ Foscari
Paola Molino, University of Padua
Giovanni Pietro Vitali, University College Cork

17:00 Conclusion and Future Prospects – The EURONEWS team

To join the event please register here:


Carlotta Paltrinieri

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