S. MansuttiNews as objects: the materiality of handwritten newsletters in early modernity, presentation at the virtual symposium “On the Materiality and the Virtual”, organised by the Medieval and Renaissance Graduate Interdisciplinary Network (New York University) (May 1)  
D. Boerio“La trasmissione dell’informazione politica tra la penisola italiana e le isole britanniche nel
diciassettesimo secolo” – Conference: Anglo-Italian history, 1500-1700: Translating news, politics and commerce, University of Florence, Florence, February 21, 2020.
C. Paltrinieri and L. AlloriA Collaborative Workspace for Archival Research: MIA and the Euronews Project, with Carlotta Paltrinieri, Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations Annual Conference, University of Ottawa and Carleton University (22-24 July 2020). 
C. Paltrinieri and S. Mansutti “The Euronews Project: Rediscovering the Medici Avvisi”, hosted online by the Society for Renaissance Studies (July 13, 2020)
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