The EURONEWS project, begun in Fall 2019, aims to study and analyse a source of great importance but still little known, namely, the handwritten newsletters of the period from 1537 through 1737, which served as a major conduit for information about daily occurrences throughout their history. The creation of a searchable corpus of this material is essential for undertaking the expected full-scale analysis according to a series of content-related parameters as set out in the project prospectus.

The EURONEWS Project offers online internships for undergraduates and graduate students. These run for 3 to 7 months. Start and end dates can be agreed upon to accommodate the applicant’s availability. 

What we offer

The internship includes training in palaeography and development of a research project on the documents collected by the EURONEWS team, as well as engagement with the staff. There will also be seminar activities focused on the methodology of historical research, media historiography and digital humanities. The seminars are tailored to thet available  research projects.

Past lectures have been given by Brendan Dooley (Principal Investigator EUROENWS), Alessio Assonitis (Director of Medici Archive Project), Davide Boerio (Post-Doctoral Resarcher Euronews),  Maurizio Arfaioli (Senior Research Fellow at Medici Archive Project), Francesco Martelli (former archivist at the State Archive of Florence), Sara Mansutti (Ph.D candidate EURONEWS), Giovanni Muto (Full Professor of Early Modern Period at University of Naples “Federico II”, retired), Anna Maria Rao (Emeritus Professor of Early Modern Period at University of Naples “Federico II”) Marcello Simonetta (Senior Research Fellow at Medici Archive Project).    


Main tasks

  • reading and analysis of documents
  • transcription and tagging and marking up of documents 
  • application of digital humanities methodologies to early texts
  • attending seminars dedicated to historiographical and palaeographical matters


Application process and documents

  • A CV that outlines your academic background and relevant coursework.
  • A personal statement outlining their academic interests and motivations for undertaking the internship
  • A statement of the applicant ‘s desired start date and end date.
  • One recommendation letter written by someone from your academic institution who knows you well.

[Note: Any relevant previous experience is not required. Basic knowledge of Italian and other European languages apart from English will be desirable].  

For further questions, please contact the research coordinator Dr. Davide Boerio at davide Are you interested? We look forward to receiving your application by email at

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