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Conversazioni is the EURONEWS Project’s latest seminar series bringing together scholars from different disciplines and perspectives in order to foster an interdisciplinary dialogue on the role of the media in past and present society. The aim is to promote a discussion encompassing current theoretical trends as well as the methodological challenges which underlie this research field.
It will host one talk per month by researchers involved in projects relevant to EURONEWS’ research agenda. Conversazioni aims to promote sociability and intellectual exchange among researchers, especially those at early career stages whose work has been most impacted by current public health related concerns.
The Conversazioni series offers a safe and dynamic space for testing ideas, receiving feedback and developing further research perspectives The series will be held in mixed form (virtual and in situ) and the discussions will be featured on the EURONEWS website either in written reports or recordings.


14 OCTOBER 2020
Lana Martysheva
(Visiting Fellow at the Max Weber Programme, European University Institute, Florence)
News on the French Wars of Religion in Papal Rome (research prospects)

18 NOVEMBER 2020
Andrea Di Carlo
(Ph. D. candidate, University College Cork, Ireland)
“You are fake news!” A Foucauldian Defence of Machiavelli

10 DECEMBER 2020
Álvaro Casillas Pérez
(Researcher Fellow, Centro Europeo para la Difusión de las Ciencias Sociales,
Alcalà de Henares, Spain)
Spying Through Digital Eyes: A TEI Markup Proposal to Analyse Secret Information in the Habsburg Osmanli Mediterranean Context (16th Century)

14 JANUARY 2021
Nicoletta Mandolini
(FCT Researcher at CECS – Centro de estudos de comunicação e sociedade, Universidade do Minho , Braga, Portugal)
The Qualities of Qualitative Research in Discourse Analysis. Hybrid Literary Journalism as a Case Study

11 FEBRUARY 2021
Ela Bozok
(Ph.D. student, European University Institute, Florence)
“Tal nova non fu creta”: Circulation of News and Rumours During the Siege of Rhodes (July December 1522)

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