The Journalist’s Craft

Photo by Bank Phrom on Unsplash

From the first emergence of regular news reporting in the fifteenth century to the development of media giants in the twentieth, the communication of daily matters of public concern to a wide audience has been a major role in Europe and the Atlantic world.  Almost at the origins, news became a commodity exchanged for money or favors, sometimes connected with state administrations, sometimes not.  In modern times journalism has become one of the pillars of democracy.  While the EURONEWS project normally engages with the origins of news, this series extends our reflections to contemporary times, with guests actively involved in the news gathering process, who will share their own experiences and their views.  In each meeting the EURONEWS staff will interview a different news professional from around Europe and the Atlantic world, as we seek to define, describe and contextualize the varieties and essence of the Journalist’s Craft in current practice.

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