The objective of EURONEWS is to submit the handwritten newsletters of Early Modern Europe to five interrelated levels of analysis; and to create, test and implement a unique research instrument for carrying out such an extensive large-scale study.

Previous scholarship in each of the linguistic areas has focused mostly on local news, for very understandable reasons.  However, the international element is now taken into account, but not systematically.  This level of analysis permits systematic tracing of the balance between regional and international news from place to place and from time to time. How are the larger and smaller territorial agglomerations portrayed? Our soundings should give a definitive answer for this period. In addition, a prominent theory of news correlates geographical liminality with liminality of experience.  The farther away a place is, the more improbable are the tales said to emanate from there–partly but not exclusively due to the decreased likelihood of verification.

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