Davide Boerio

Research Fellow

Davide Boerio obtained a Dual Ph.D. in early modern history from the University of Teramo and University College Cork with a thesis titled News, Network and Discourses during the Neapolitan revolution of 1647-48 and Its Aftermath. His research focuses on the production, circulation, reception and control of political information in Early modern period. He has participated in several conferences on this subject in England, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Spain, and his works have appeared in leading international publications. In 2013, he was a Samuel Freeman Charitable Trust Fellow at the Medici Archive Project. Since 2014 he has been research fellow at the MAP, working on the Birth of News program, and also instructor for the palaeography course. He has held several post-doctoral research fellowships related to history of communication for both Italian and European research agencies. In 2018 he was Instructor of Early Modern History at Temple University Campus of Rome. In January 2019 he joined the EUORNEWS project on the history of early modern news, sponsored by the Irish Research Council, where he is the post-doctoral research fellowship and research coordinator. 



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