Lorenzo Allori

Research Technology Officer and Data Curator

Lorenzo Allori holds a Masters Degree in Cybersecurity at University of Pisa and graduated in Media Studies and Business Communication at the University of Siena. For the EURONEWS project he is in charge of the following tasks: data entry supervision, data modelling, and data transformation. He is the project manager for the MIA (Medici Interactive Archive) digital portal (https://mia.medici.org), which is used  by the EURONEWS project to perform the data-entry process. He has been working for Syracuse University and for several other firms, building ad hoc IT solutions. He has been a member of the The Medici Archive Project team since 2003, creating the entire MAP information technology infrastructure. He has been the project manager for MAP’s digital platform BIA (http://bia.medici.org). He is also in charge of the Mediceo del Principato Digitization Project. His interests include Digital Humanities, Digital History, Data Curation, and developing opensource software using the latest web technologies.

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