Meet the Senior Fellows

Stefano Villani
Senior Research Fellow

Stefano Villani is Professor of Early Modern European History at the University of Maryland, College Park. He received his Ph.D. in Early Modern History from the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa in 1999 and holds an MA in the History of Philosophy from the University of Pisa. From 2002 until 2013 he was a member of the Department of History at the University of Pisa.
Villani is a specialist in early modern religious history and has worked extensively on the cross-cultural, political, and religious relations between Britain and Italy. He has written five books, co-edited four volumes of essays, and has published more than one hundred articles, book chapters, and reviews. His first three books published in Italy deal with the history of Quaker missions in the Mediterranean. More recently he has worked on the history of the missionary and intellectual interactions between the Church of England and Italy. His latest book, Making Italy Anglican: Why the Book of Common Prayer Was Translated into Italian (Oxford University Press, 2021), is a comprehensive study of the Italian translations of the Book of Common Prayer undertaken between 1608 and the early twentieth century.

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